I have no hands but I must code

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18 Jan 2014

Yesterday I had a lovely discussion with Maaret Pyhäjärvi on Twitter about identities. Identities, as well as titles, have that much in common that we like to label them somehow. When we label things, albeit with clear intention of making things more self explaining, we expose them for others to interpret. That makes things hard since there exists countless of factors why our interpretations tend to differ.


I attack

11 Jan 2014

I certainly don't fulfill my expectations what comes to communication in general. I abhor violence of any kind yet I constantly seem to have a hint of that in my voice. That is not the voice I want. I seek betterment, I seek ways to improve. But while at that let me embrace it for a while. If you hear or have heard that in me it's only fair to tell you why. So there goes.


Communist manifesto

09 Dec 2013

I gotta say that I'm fooling you a little. I do think that we have had enough manifestos for a while. I also like to tease things up a little. Thus I think that "Communist manifesto" is a decent pair of words for explaining something that aims to equalize the workforce and equalize the ownership. All in effort to create better software products and offer better service in world of I(C)T.


We don't work with our hands

29 Nov 2013

Too long, didn't read: Antimatter principle is a powerful thing to use in ripping down destructive power structures inside an organization. But for some reason the concept of empathy is not something we see "real" or tangible, even though there's little that's more of so.


Is it okay to be just a programmer?

11 Sep 2013

From time to time I encounter this question. Time to think a little about it really. This is not just my opinion, it is the universal truth.


Service business

26 Aug 2013

About two months ago my life changed a bit. So did my family's. Nothing all that drastic nor dramatic, just a little accident. I fell off a skateboard on downhill. I've fell down before, when I was around 16 years old and it's not very surprising that I was of a bit sturdier material back then.


Project deathtrap

16 Apr 2013

Welcome to the project jungle baby! Just to clarify: the project on context of this posting does not mean anything fun. It's meant to resemble something that usually has manager, a steering group maybe, usually more self claimed stakeholders than you have fingers. From perspective of continuous improvement, that is not a project really. It is a deathtrap.


CI, The one tool that's not for fools

11 Mar 2013

I think it's safe to say, that most of my working life for now I've worked with CI-setups. Mostly developing custom software for CI and deployment related tasks and solved such problems.


Groovy Jenkins

29 Mar 2012

For some reason the Gradle instructions for Jenkins plugins did not work for me. I resorted on doing something like this in build.gradle:



14 Mar 2012

This is an opinion. The writer has years (it's not polite to ask age from a programmer) of experience in IT service industry, and has been among only failed sales efforts. And is afraid that they don't actually differ much from succeeding ones.


What is a requirement? Or a feature request? Or a service request? What is a badly started blog-post?    


They're all an attempt to communicate something to someone. For starters I'd like to restrict the environment and domain to a very special one: IT service companies and their endeavors. I'd make a bold statement that most of such attempts will fail blatantly.